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  • Amro alauddin mohamed

    Hi, iam sudanese medical radiation technologist , i work in oman as a MRI technologist , i study medical radiography in sudan ( bashlor degree and master degree) iam asking am i eligible to apply for the exam in dubai,

  • Maria

    Good Day!

    I am interested in having a CT certificate as my specialty and I would like to know what are the books and where can we search them. Thank you!

  • Jerry samson bhatti

    You must create a CAMRT account. This is the link to create an account on the CAMRT website

    1). I’m trying to create an account with CAMRT on the above address for the exam registration but when i login with the same email and password which i have given to create an account on CAMTRO portal it does not accept it.
    then how can i login.
    2).and one more thing i want to clear that is about certification exam fee which is 840$ is it submitted before exam OR after exam.
    3). What is the International Test center fee (Doha and Dubai) which is 250.15 $ is it compulsory for me because I am going to take an online exam.

    The May 2021 certification exam will be delivered entirely online due to the pandemic and continued exam centres closures (this means everyone will have to write the exam from the security of their own home).

    • Chris

      Your comment has been forwarded to the Manager of Certification. She will reach out to answer your questions.

  • Edwin Resto

    Hello….IVE BEEN an MRI Tech for over 20 years. Im ARMRIT Certified, having interest in the Canadian MR Certification. Any suggestions?

    • Pmondesir

      Hi Edwin, please send an email to our Certification department at certification@cpd, and a colleague will be able to further assist you.

  • Kongo Bulombo Simon

    I, above mentioned, am got bachelor’s degree in radiography (TUT) PRETORIA and 10 years of experience at Baragwanath Academic Hospital in Johannesburg
    and decided to write sitting exams with CAMRT in September. Two years back I applied for a sitting examination but my file was rejected because I was still
    a refugee in South Africa, but now,I have got south African citizenship and ready to move to Canada for the examinations.
    What is advised to me to write the September examination or which are the required documents to write?
    Awaiting to read from you,
    I wish you all the best.
    Simon Bulombo Kongo, Radiographer in Johannesburg

  • Kwaku Jr. Amoako-Boatey


    My certificate just came in and I noticed that a part of my name was missing.

    What are the steps I need to take in order to get a new certificate with the correct full name?

    Thank you

    • Pmondesir

      Hello Kwaku,

      We apologize for the inconvenience, please send us an email at at your earliest convenience, and a CAMRT staff member will assist you with getting a new certificate.

      Thank you,

  • Juan

    Hi, I was reading throughout the International Workers Exam and I saw that we have to write the Exam. Very confusing?

    • Pmondesir

      Hello – there is no such thing as “an international workers exam”. The CAMRT national certification exam is mandatory for ALL graduates from Canadian MRT programs and for all internationally educated MRTs who wish to practice as MRTs in Canada. In other words, everyone writes the very same exam – no matter whether they studied to be an MRT in Canada or outside of Canada.

      For detailed information on how to qualify to take the CAMRT national certification exam as an internationally educated MRT, please follow the link:

  • Simin Abbaslou

    Hi, I am an Iranian radiologist with 15 years experience. I am interested in working as a sonographer in BC. I was wondering how I can get into this feild ?

  • Muhammad Tajammul

    Good day,
    I am waiting for my CAMRT certificate to pass in May 2021 and have not yet received it. Would you please tell me how long it takes time?

    • Pmondesir

      Hi Muhammad,

      We are sorry for the inconvenience. Can you please send us an email at to get further assistance from a CAMRT staff member.

      Thank you,

  • Maryam Zare


    J’ai une question a propos d’ “Un formulaire de transfert de dossier complété par l’association
    dont vous êtes membre” pour l’ordre du QC. D’ou je peux prendre cet formulaire ou le demander?

    Merci en avance!

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