Frequently Asked Questions

1- How much will the annual registration dues be?

  • Can only anticipate what the annual registration fee will be as the college is potentially multiphase, total membership is not yet known
  • Current fees for regulated professions in BC range from $350 to $800. Dependent on number of registrants and size of infrastructure required to provide services
  • Fees are tax deductible

2- Will there be grandfathering for those MRTs that don’t meet the minimum qualification for entry to the college?

  • Typically, a grandfathering mechanism is put in place to allow registration of non certified individuals, at least until they have sufficient time to become certified or competency has been determined
  • This is very unlikely to be an issue for the Radiation Therapy community, as BC Cancer strictly hires individuals who are CAMRT certified.

3- What voice will MRTs have in the operation of the college?

  • There will be roles for MRTs on the Board of Directors. The board also has members from the public
  • MRT expertise will be needed for quality assurance oversite, complaints investigations and disciplinary committees

4- What happens if I don’t pay my annual registration fee?

  • Once regulation is in place, you will not be able to work if your registration fees are not paid up in full. It will be a legal requirement to be registered with the college.
  • Typically the college provides a registry of all current members. This can be used by employers to verify employee status. It can also be used by the public to verify that an MRT who provided care to them is registered.

5- Alliance of MRT Regulators of Canada Frequently Asked Questions.

  • This link from the Alliance of MRT Regulators of Canada takes you to general questions about what a regulatory college is and how it operates.