APRT(T) Oral Exam

The objective of the oral exam is to evaluate candidates on their advanced practice competence in solving their patients’ radiation therapy related problems at a level commensurate with the clinical, technical and professional standards set by the CAMRT.

The prospect of sitting for the oral exam can be a little intimidating. To prepare, there are key steps which can be taken to ensure full preparation for the high-stakes online testing experience. It is important to review the following information in detail and well in advance of the exam, to obtain and confirm the necessary skills for such tests.

Advantages of Oral Exams

  • Direct personal contact
  • Assessing problem solving and reasoning of realistic scenarios
  • Recognition of safe and competent individuals
  • Assessing professionalism and ethics
  • Opportunity to probe depth of knowledge
  • Flexibility in moving from one topic to another
  • Feedback on knowledge, skills and judgement
  • The ability of the panel to tailor questions to the candidate
  • The ability of the candidate to tailor questions to the panel
Step 1 – Oral Exam Process
Step 2 – Understanding the Oral Exam
Step 3 – Understanding the Exam Panel
Step 4 – Preparing for the Exam
Step 5 – Day of the Exam
Step 6 – After the Exam