MRT Week 2022 Guide

 See below for some ideas on how to get involved this year.



We want people to know about MRTs, how many there are, and how important MRTs are to their care. A small step you can take to increase awareness is to IDENTIFY yourself as an MRT when given the opportunity.


NOD CardA simple name for a simple step. At the beginning of patient interaction, use the NOD: identify yourself with your Name, your Occupation and then explain what it is you will be Doing. NOD works because gives a professional the opportunity to put the patient at ease, with a name and an explanation. and using the “O” (occupation) helps build the amazing MRT brand by associating the outstanding care you provide with the MRT name.

NOD page // NOD Video



There are many ways you can identify as an MRT, and identify what being an MRT means to you online. Imagine the power when hundreds of MRTs are doing the same thing during MRT Week.

  • MRT Awareness ads Share MRT awareness ads and materials without your own networks of friends, family and colleagues on your various social media
  • Feeds Share what you see from your MRT associations and colleagues in your own networks
  • Making it personal Make your connection with your profession more personal with your own stories



The power of the association comes from the thousands of you who make up its membership. Engagement brings even more power to our shared cause and a message. This spring, when we were able to tell the federal government that 3,000 professionals had responded to our survey in 48 hours, we had their attention right away.

Engage Online

CAMRT is pivoting to a more online approach for MRT Week in 2021. We are asking all of you to join us:

  • Join and follow our social media channels (Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // LinkedIn)
  • Engage with and share our posts and the posts of your fellow MRTS
  • Use the #MRTWeek2022 hashtag

Sharing: In April 2020, one message in the CAMRT Facebook Group was shared by 1,500+ MRTs, and through these networks reached an audience of more than 80,000 (30-40X amplification). Imagine how far our messages will get if we all take the instant to like, share, retweet.

Learn something new

Taking the time for group education has been a mainstay of MRT Week for as long as the week has existed. There are numerous online options for MRT education during MRT Week 2021. This year, we plan to hold a CAMRT MRT Week Webinar organized around a unifying theme. Be on the lookout for announcements in your CAMRT communications.

MRT Week Contests

Details for the MRT Week Contests we hold annually can be found when you follow our communications and our social media feeds.




Your MRT Week Activities

CAMRT wants to hear what you did and what worked for you at your sites, online with your colleagues. Post for everyone to see on the CAMRT Facebook Group , use the MRT Week hashtag (posted in CAMRT communicaitons each year, but following the format #MRTWeek20XX – for current year) or share with CAMRT at

Digital content

As we move to a more frequent, and more online approach to awareness, we will also be looking for photographs of MRTs, in clinical settings if possible. If you would like to share a photograph for use by CAMRT, please be in touch with