CAMRT-ATL Frequently Asked Questions

Consultation and Vote

Will members have a say? Will members have a vote?
When is the vote?
Is there a minimum number of votes that need to be cast for this upcoming vote?
Does this model only work if all four provinces agree to it?

Regulation & Representation

Where did this idea come from?
Why have you chosen to consult the membership on the future of provincial association services at this time?
How am I represented at the provincial level currently?
What is the current relationship between the CAMRT and the provincial association (PEIAMRT or NLAMRT)? What are the differences?
What is the current relationship between the CAMRT and the provincial regulatory body (NBAMRT and NSCMIRTP)? What are the differences?
Once we are regulated, will the PEIAMRT or NLAMRT become our College?
Couldn’t regulatory colleges carry out association services as in some other provinces?

Services & Value

What are the advantages of tasking CAMRT with the delivery of provincial services?
What is a Site Ambassador Program?
If there is no provincial association, will members lose the opportunity to give back and develop in leadership positions?


What will it cost?
Where will this extra money go?
What will the process be for increasing dues, if required, under the CAMRT delivery of provincial service model?
Can a member choose to join only the national component of CAMRT? Only the provincial component (CAMRT-ATL)?


What will happen to the NLAMRT and PEIAMRT if we choose to pursue the CAMRT-ATL model?

Advisory Council

What will the role of the CAMRT-ATL advisory council be?
How will members of the CAMRT-ATL advisory council be selected?
How can someone from CAMRT know enough of what is happening in the Atlantic provinces?
What will happen to the Atlantic reps that are currently part of the CAMRT Board?
Who will represent us at other National tables?

Other Questions

Would CAMRT-ATL have an annual AGM?
What about the financial reports?
What is the CAMRT-BC Model?
What happens if we adopt CAMRT-ATL and it doesn’t work out?