2019 CAMRT Awards Showcase

CAMRT Honorary Awards

The CAMRT Honorary Awards are a collection of awards presented to members at the pinnacle of the profession. The recipients of these awards earn the highest recognition from their association by their dedication, commitment and exceptional contributions to our profession. These awards were presented at the Celebration of Excellence at the 2019 CAMRT Annual Governance Forum in Ottawa.


Life Membership

Robin Hesler, RTR, was awarded with CAMRT’s prestigious Life Membership. Robin has had a storied career in the profession spanning many roles and decades.

Graduating as a Medical Radiation Technologist in the discipline of radiological technology from the Hamilton District School of Radiography, he first worked as a general and special procedures technologist. Soon he was moving up the career ladder, becoming Assistant Chief Technologist less than two years after his graduation, and not long after as Manager. Starting in 1988 (and for 25 years until he retired from the role in 2013), he served as the Executive Director, CEO and finally the President and CEO of the Ontario Association of Medical Radiation Sciences (OAMRS).

Throughout his clinical career there were numerous achievements, not least taking part in the installation of the second CT scanner in Canada. And not long after entering the profession, his contributions as a volunteer also began to abound, with the provincial association, with educational institutions, with numerous provincial and national working groups relating to things such as radiation safety, and of course with the CAMRT. He has been a CAMRT President (1988), had two stints on the CAMRT Board of Directors, been a committee member and worked with the CAMRT Foundation. There are very few people who have been so involved over such a lengthy career with the association and in working to raise the profile of MRTs in general.

For these many achievements, and others, he has already received the prestigious honours of the Ken Turnbull Award for outstanding service to the MRT profession in Ontario, OAMRS Life Membership, the CAMRT President’s Medal, and has been the OAMRS Mary F. Cameron Lecturer.

Life Membership at CAMRT represents the highest form of recognition by one’s peers and is designed to honour a member of the CAMRT with distinguished service to the Association. A Life Member is an individual who has supported their profession and professional association at the provincial, national and international levels throughout their career, and whose leadership has served to motivate others to become involved in professional activities.


Welch Memorial Lecture

Shao Hui (Sophie) Huang, RTT, presented an exceptional Welch Memorial Lecture, Inspired to Inquire: Responding to Cancer Gone Viral.

To be chosen to deliver the Welch Memorial Lecture is considered an honour bestowed upon a CAMRT member who has made an outstanding contribution to the profession at a national level, and has influenced the growth of the profession in clinical practice, education, research and/or administration.

Sophie has been a Research Radiation Therapist since 2004. Since starting her research, Sophie has had an astoundingly productive career. Having published over 20 peer-reviewed articles as principal author and collaborated on well over a 100 articles and abstracts, she has also written four textbook chapters and was the editorial coordinator for an edition of the Manual of Clinical Oncology. She has presented her work at numerous local, national and international venues, as well as through TV and radio interviews, where she has drawn public attention to the Radiation Therapy profession.

As noted by her peers, Sophie sets unashamedly high clinical practice standards for herself and instills the same passion for excellence in everyone she works with. Most importantly, Sophie is seen as a ‘thought leader’. She has made significant contributions to the knowledge surrounding Human Papilloma Virus and its effect on oropharyngeal cancer, and her research continues to lead us into an era of personalized radiation medicine.

Not only is Sophie inspiring to the Radiation Therapists she works with, where she is seen as the epitome of what a Research Radiation Therapist can achieve, she has changed the way our profession is viewed by other medical professionals, and has earned their respect through raw talent, hard work and a dogged determination to improve care for her patients.


Dr. Marshall Mallett Lamp of Knowledge Award

Jeremy Jackson, RTNM, CTIC, was presented with the Dr. Marshall Mallett “Lamp of Knowledge” Award, honouring a CAMRT member who has made a significant contribution to the profession and/or association at a national level in the field of education. — Sponsored by the CAMRT Foundation

Jeremy has impacted the MRT profession at a national level in many ways. He has been a pioneer of fusion SPECT/CT imaging, being a part of the first department in Canada to have a SPECT/CT machine, and showcasing the multitude of studies that can be enhanced using this technology.

His desire to impart his knowledge to others is demonstrated through his many speaking engagements, mentorships, conferences and committee engagements. A valuable member of the Clinical Education Committee for Dalhousie University and the past Program Advisory Committee for UNBSJ, Jeremy helps to shape the future educational demands of Nuclear Medicine. At the CAMRT, Jeremy has been a mainstay on education committees and workgroups for more than a decade, in item writing, item review, practice exam revision, and the exam validation committee.


Steward of the Profession Award

Megan Brydon, RTNM, was presented with the Steward of the Profession Award honouring a CAMRT member who has advocated for and worked to advance the profession at both the national and provincial levels. The award recognizes those who have made significant contributions as a volunteer, led others to become involved, and then supported them with mentorship, advocated on behalf of the profession and patients, and supported efforts to raise the standards of the profession.

Megan does all those things and more. From student organizer and co-founder of the Students Association of Health Sciences (SAHS) at Dalhousie University, she has gone on to take numerous roles at both her provincial association (the NSAMRT) and the CAMRT. She has been a member of the executive of the NSAMRT for the past decade and its president for the past 5 years.

At CAMRT, she has taken on an increasing number of committees and workgroups as well. She has mastered the art of peer to peer mentorship, building mentoring relationships within the national network, the alliance of regulators, and the Atlanta MRT leadership accord. As an advocate, she has taken up many causes, and has been instrumental in having the CAMRT address mental health issues for its members. She is a leader and steward in her clinical role as well at the IWK in Halifax, actively involving herself in emerging technology projects, and was a key knowledge broker between her workplace and the provincial One Patient, One Record project.


Early Professional Achievement Award

Tyler Ferrish, RTNM, RTMR, was presented with the Early Professional Achievement Award, honouring a CAMRT member who, at an early stage in their career, inspires and leads their colleagues by acting as a role model.

Early in his career, Tyler took on the challenge of getting involved with the professional association in his province, Prince Edward Island. Less than a year in he was elected to the President role and has been in the role the past five years. As president, he has been instrumental in initiating and seeing through a number of important initiatives for MRTs on the island. Most notably, he has been spearheading the charge to regulation for the Medical Radiation Technologist profession. Since getting the green light to prepare for regulation, he has almost single-handedly developed a regulatory framework with umbrella legislation, developed regulations specific to practice, established standards of practice that will shape and mold current and future practice, and developed a code of ethics.


Grassroots Advocacy Award

Susan Mortensen, RTT, is the first member to be awarded the CAMRT’s Grassroots Advocacy Award, which honours a member who has made a significant contribution to the profession and/or association through advocacy.

Susan, a radiation therapist from Edmonton, Alberta is being awarded this honour because of her work in bringing recognition to MRTs, the work that MRTs do and the patients that MRTs treat. Two of the more remarkable achievements were her successful work in organizing the end of treatment celebratory ringing of the bell at the Cross Cancer Institute (now adopted across Alberta) as a way to punctuate patients’ completion of their radiation treatment, as well as her work in raising the profile of the profession amongst healthcare professionals and the public at large.



On April 27th, Del Leibel, RTT, ACT, CTRT, FCAMRT, was recognized and welcomed as the newest CAMRT Fellowship recipient.

A CAMRT Fellow (FCAMRT) is a professional that has demonstrated superior commitment to the profession and exceptional achievement in multiple facets of professional life. Fellowship for Medical Radiation Technologists recognizes exceptional achievements and contributions by members, who are considered a pillar of the profession and a role model to others.


Awards of Excellence

Award of Excellence – highest score on the 2018 CAMRT certification exam:

  • Nicole Birch, RTR (Radiological Technology)
  • Minji Gil, RTR, RTMR (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
  • Malcolm Laraque, RTT (Radiation Therapy)
  • Alisa Michelle Lattanzio, RTNM (Nuclear Medicine)

Competitive Awards



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