Making the decision to live and work in Canada (old)

CAMRT recommends that IEMRTs review the following resources regarding requirements for practice in the Canadian work environment.

Potential to Prosperity

p2p_logoNewcomers and those planning to move to Canada are encouraged to consult Potential to Prosperity, an online guide to advancing your career in medical radiation technology in Canada. Created by the Canada Foundation for Economic Education in collaboration with CAMRT, this guide includes informative videos and links to all the information you will need to start and succeed in your career in Canada.

Readiness Self-Assessment Tools for IEMRTs

Readiness Self-Assessment Tools for IEMRTs have been created to help IEMRTs assess if they are likely to meet requirements to practice in a Canadian context, and better understand the Canadian work environment looks like. There are four (4) online tools available, one for each of the disciplines of radiological technology, magnetic resonance, radiation therapy and nuclear medicine technology.

The tools provide a glimpse into the life and practice of the profession of medical radiation technology in Canada. They identify areas of knowledge and practice that should be considered by the IEMRT.

The tools offer:

  • a better understanding of Canadian practice in your profession
  • a better understanding of the competencies required to work in Canada and the expectations of employers
  • assistance to identify areas for improvement to practice in Canada
  • a more informed decision to immigrate and apply for certification in Canada
  • assistance to identify available resources

The tools are not intended to be an assessment for licensure, but simply an overview of the profession. The self-assessment tool is a personal guide and can be found at the following links:

The tools are free of charge. There is a “go to payment” button that you must click to proceed, but access is free for new users. You will not have to pay.

The Readiness Self-Assessment Tool has been developed with funding from Health Canada.
The IEHP Atlantic Connection Steering Committee, in partnership with Price-MacDonald & Associates (PMA) Consulting Inc. and the Nova Scotia Community College has developed the prototype for the on-line readiness self-assessment tool. CAMRT has developed the content for the medical radiation technology discipline-specific tools.

Orientation Course for Internationally Educated Health Professionals (IEHP)

Orientation to the Canadian Health Care System, Culture and Context is a course designed for internationally educated health professionals who are in the process of becoming licensed in Canada. It is offered through the University of Toronto.

This course provides learners with a deepened understanding of the Canadian health care system, what Canadian patients expect from their health care providers, and how to communicate with patients and caregivers. Participants will have an opportunity to interact with other internationally educated health care professionals in a supportive learning environment.

This orientation program is offered for both those who have arrived in Canada and those who have not yet arrived. This is not a bridging program. Please note this course is available in English only. To find out more, visit the website at