Writing the Certification Exam (old)

The certification exam is offered three (3) times a year. Exam sittings are scheduled in January, May and September. The exam is offered over 2 days at each sitting to accommodate all candidates. The CAMRT exam is delivered as a computer-based exam at approved Yardstick test centres across Canada. It is a 4-hour, 185-question exam.

Registration for an exam is a 2-step process:

  1. exam application and payment on the CAMRT website, followed by
  2. selection of location for seat reservation and payment on the Yardstick website.

IMPORTANT: All deadlines must be met. Otherwise, you forfeit your opportunity to write the exam at the sitting of your choice.

Candidates must read all the information in the Exam Preparation Guide prior to registering for an exam.

If you are a student member with CAMRT, you already have a user account set up for you. Retrieve your CAMRT ID and password before registering online. If you are not a CAMRT member and have never registered for a CAMRT certification exam or a CAMRT continuing professional development course, you will need to contact certification to create a new account before registering to write the exam.

Please log in and complete the online application form. Once payment is processed, all registered candidates receive a confirmation e-mail with instructions for selecting a location for seat reservation and with a link to the practice exam. Registration deadlines are strict. Candidates who do not register with both CAMRT and Yardstick before the deadline will have to wait until the next available exam sitting.

Exam dates and fees
Post-exam Comments
Exam Accommodations
Additional Administrative Fees
Obtaining Your Examination Results