Between September 14th-21st, 2022, MRTs in Manitoba voted on whether to implement a new model for provincial association services, called CAMRT-MB. The results were a resounding YES in favour of the implementation of CAMRT-MB.

The Vote

All eligible CAMRT members (student members do not have voting privileges) received an email on Wednesday, September 14th with confidential login information for voting. 60.5% of eligible voters cast a ballot, well exceeding the minimum number of votes required for a valid vote. The results were a resounding YES, with 96.4% voting in favour of the implementation of the CAMRT-Manitoba model.

The results give us a solid mandate to work with you to establish a representative advisory council, hire a dedicated provincial manager, and to implement this transition in time for the 2023 membership year.

We will keep you informed throughout this process, including changes to the upcoming membership renewal process.


What is CAMRT-MB?

CAMRT-MB will be a provincial arm of the CAMRT and represents an additional suite of programs, services and provincial advocacy in addition to your CAMRT membership. It will replace the MAMRT, the current provincial association in Manitoba. This new model will include a paid provincial manager on the ground in Manitoba, whose job is to ensure the MRT voice is heard and to deliver members services and support, including education, networking and advocacy for members in your province. CAMRT has been successfully delivering provincial association services in BC (through CAMRT-BC) since 2017, in the four Atlantic provinces (through CAMRT-ATL) since January 2022, and will commence services in Alberta (through CAMRT-AB) in January 2023.

Below are some of the provincial services and support that will be available through the CAMRT-MB.

Representing and Supporting You at the Provincial Level


The cost for provincial association services through CAMRT-MB will be $50 per year for full a practice members in addition to your CAMRT dues. CAMRT-MB fees will replace the fees of the MAMRT, resulting in substantial savings for you. (The cost of CAMRT-MB will be $31.50 per year for non-practicing members and $0 per year for senior members in addition to your CAMRT membership.)

These fees will allow us to provide programs, services and advocacy at the provincial level and to hire a dedicated manager in Manitoba to represent and support you.


Why Did We Have a Vote?

The regulation of the MRT profession is nearing its final stages in Manitoba. Once MRTs are regulated, a new regulatory college will be created. The primary mandate of the regulatory body will be the protection of the public, not the support of MRTs. Anticipating this, plus the fact that the MAMRT has stated that it is unsustainable to continue operating as they have been, and the future financial implications for members of paying dues to three organizations (regulatory college, CAMRT and MAMRT), the question was raised as to whether there could be a better and more cost-effective model for provincial association services. As such, a new provincial association model, called CAMRT-MB, was proposed wherein the CAMRT will deliver provincial association services in Manitoba. This will allow the MAMRT to dissolve, lessening the workload for volunteers, significantly decreasing membership dues, while increasing programs and services through the existing infrastructure of the CAMRT.

Any change of this magnitude needs to be discussed thoroughly with members, with ample opportunity to ask questions, share thoughts, and ultimately with a vote on the proposed model.


Recorded Town Hall Meetings

Missed our Town Halls? View the recorded versions below to learn more about CAMRT-MB. The Town Halls were hosted by the CAMRT and MAMRT to present the new provincial association model to the membership in Manitoba and to answer any questions or comments from members.


View Previously Recorded Town Hall Meetings

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Frequently Asked Questions




If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Karen Morrison