JMIRS Call for Papers and Guest Editors 2023

JMIRS Call for Papers and Guest Editors 2023

Call for Papers

The JMIRS annual special editions are a collection of papers on special interest and topical areas. We aim to engage a community of authors and readers, to help highlight the latest research and to develop new ideas and research directions. Submissions should be sent online at: but informal contact about ideas can be discussed with the editor at any time. Email us your ideas or questions at

Mental health and wellness content deadline November 1, 2022

The last two years have brought unprecedented challenges for medical radiation technologists who have worried about working while protecting themselves, their loved ones, and their patients. Adverse mental health outcomes and burnout have impacted many individuals and organizations.  We are seeking submissions in any of our formats related to your research, practice, policy, theory or narratives for this special issue on mental health and wellness. We are pleased to announce Riaan van de Venter will act as Guest Editor for this special issue.


“Caring for specialized or diverse populations” content deadline May 1, 2023

Caring for specialized or diverse populations is part of medical radiation sciences practice. These populations could be diverse in many ways, including but not limited to age, ability, ethnicity, culture, geography (e.g. rural and remote communities), neurodiversity, chronic illnesses, gender and sexual orientation, indigeneity and body habitus. We are seeking submissions in any of our formats, related to your research, practice, policy, theory or narratives on this crucial topic.

Call for Guest Editors

Please contact the Managing Editor with an expression of interest for the issue on caring for specialized populations. We are looking for a guest editor (or several) who is a member of one or more of these populations and or/has an understanding of issues of health equity.

The role of Guest Editor entails the following duties:

  • Guest Editors are asked to promote the content deadline to their networks and start to reach out to any experts they would like to hear from – the Managing Editor can guide invited authors on deadlines/submissions as needed.
  • Guest Editors may be asked to act as peer reviewer or editor for a few submissions (or to suggest potential reviewers).
  • After the content deadline,  all titles and abstracts will be added to a shared drive where the Guest Editor can select which submissions fit the scope of the issue. If something is not a match, it can be published in another issue. Deciding articles for inclusion in advance allows the editorial office to push the chosen submissions across the finish line if revisions or review is stalled for any reason. This is also the time to spot any gaps and pursue Commentaries or Letters from experts. The Guest Editor and Editor-in-Chief can discuss potential authors as needed.
  • The Guest Editor is asked to write a “Message from the Guest Editor” to introduce the issue – we ask that instead of summarizing the articles in the issue, the Guest Editor writes about the topic in general as the subject matter expert.
  • The Managing Editor will send a listing of all the final accepted articles to be included and ask the Guest Editor to approve the order in which they appear.
  • We run a cover contest for special issues and we will ask the Guest Editor for their opinion about choosing a winner from the submitted artwork.

We are looking for:

  • A track record of published papers/conference presentations/experience in the issue topic
  • Someone with a strong network of academic contacts within the profession

The JMIRS aims to influence practice within the rapidly evolving fields of radiological, nuclear medicine, MRI and ultrasound technologists and radiation therapists, grounded in our circular tagline, “research informing practice – informing research”. We provide an essential platform for Canadian and international medical radiation technologists and therapists to publish and discover their own body of knowledge to define and inform their practice, enabling translation to a global audience. MEDLINE indexed >> View Guide for Authors


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