MRT Week 2021 Webinars

MRT Week 2021 Webinars

MRT Week 2021
Falling Through the Cracks: Greg’s Story (Greg’s Wings)

Free for everyone (members and non-members)

This year, speaker Teri Price will be presenting a talk about the Greg’s Wings organization.

Teri is currently the Executive Director of Greg’s Wings Projects, a not-for-profit organization created to honour Greg Price. Greg was Teri’s brother and the impact of Greg’s journey has led to Teri’s commitment, along with her family, to drive improvements in care. The presentation will start with a viewing of the short film, Falling Through the Cracks, followed by an interactive session with Greg’s family.

CAMRT will run this webinar several times over MRT Week:

The webinar is available free of charge to all MRTs. The duration of this webinar is 1.5 hours.
Please note that the webinar will not be available on demand following the aforementioned airtimes.


CAMRT would like to thank our MRT Week webinar sponsors GE, Johnson Insurance and MIC Medical Imaging for their generous support.

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