COMP Winter School 2022, Seeking a Volunteer

COMP Winter School 2022, Seeking a Volunteer

We are seeking a volunteer for the COMP Winter School, held virtually from February 1-3 2022. The ideal representative would be someone who has an interest in the topic area, has experience working on planning committees and would feel comfortable suggesting and approaching potential speakers, moderating sessions, serving as a speaker/panelist, facilitating breakout groups etc.  In terms of the time commitment, the committee meetings every two weeks for a one hour meeting that takes place over zoom.

Topic: Career Development – The Science, The Strategies, The Practice

Description: Feeling stuck in your career?  Many go about their work lives with very little thought on how everyday life could be leading towards a focused career trajectory.  For some “success” is measured via simple metrics like their position, salary and number of publications. In this Winter School attendees will learn how to understand their core values in order to strategically plan out an aligned career path. The sessions will provide skill sets to allow a better understanding of where to focus daily work and how to move towards meaningful career success.

Everyday decisions are usually guided only by our experiences and knowledge. Attendees will learn how understanding our values can increase our decision-making skills and help with everyday tasks such as work-task prioritization to management of their time. Attendees will reflect on their values and how this can change the perception and evaluation of career success.

An understanding of one’s core values does not automatically translate to better ways to externally utilize or communicate them. How your values and goals align can determine your relationships with colleagues, management and your organization. The attendees will learn about personal branding and how this can help define career trajectory.

Lastly, understanding values and personal branding does not naturally yield success. In the final part of this winter school, attendees will be exposed to techniques and resources for strategic planning to achieve goals.  Individuals will also have an opportunity to reflect on how the materials learned in these few days have changed their mindset.

Sessions details are available here
Interested candidates can contact Christopher Topham at

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