Atlantic members vote for change to provincial association services

Atlantic members vote for change to provincial association services

With the recent changes to the regulatory college landscape, MRT leaders in the Atlantic provinces contacted the CAMRT to investigate the possibility of a CAMRT-BC style model in the region. Over the past year, a consultation process has been running with membership in those provinces, recently culminating in a vote from June 14 to 27, 2021. In the vote, members in each province were asked whether they were in favour of the adoption of a model where provincial association services would be delivered through a dedicated arm of the CAMRT.

At close of the vote, a total of 34.2% of eligible voters had cast a ballot, well exceeding the minimum voter turnout required. A majority in every province voted for the implementation of a CAMRT-Atlantic model, with a provincial breakdown as follows:

 Province   Voter Turnout    Percentage in FAVOUR
 Newfoundland & Labrador  29%  92.6% 
 New Brunswick  31.7%  87.2% 
 Nova Scotia  33.6%  70.4% 
 Prince Edward Island  69.4%  90.7% 



What does this mean?

With the mandate that comes from these results, the association will work together with MRT leadership in the Atlantic provinces to transition to the CAMRT-ATL provincial service delivery model. This will take place over the coming months to ensure implementation for the 2022 membership year.

The introduction of this new model for provincial service delivery in the Atlantic provinces will not affect national association services already provided by the CAMRT; provincial association services will be funded entirely through provincial member dues and will be managed by a new CAMRT employee dedicated to this purpose.

More information is available under the CAMRT-ATL tab on the CAMRT website.


Seeking Provincial Manager, CAMRT-ATL

We are now looking for a highly motivated and people-oriented Provincial Manager, CAMRT Atlantic to work in collaboration with the CAMRT to deliver member value to MRTs in Atlantic Canada, while advancing provincial advocacy priorities and supporting the work of the volunteer Atlantic Advisory Council.
See job posting / Apply here
Deadline: July 28th, 2021

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