MRT Week Troll Hunt

MRT Week Troll Hunt

CAMRT discovered that one of its members in Ottawa was running a really great MRT Week contest at his own site. With his permission, and his help in setting up a secondary puzzle, we introduce to you the CAMRT Troll Hunt.

It’s simple. Just look at the picture below and tell us (via survey link below) how many trolls (little purple-haired squishy toys) you count hidden throughout the room.


For prizes, we have two $25 Tim Horton’s Gift Cards to give away to CAMRT members:

  1. The first gift card will go to the first person who submits the correct answer
  2. All other entries with the correct answer will go into a draw for the second gift card*

The contest runs from now until the end of MRT Week (23:59 PST on Nov 14).

* If there are no correct answers, the top ten closest entries will be entered into a draw for the two gift cards.


To take part, submit your guess and your name using the following survey:


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