JMIRS Call for Papers 2020 – Interpersonal Skills

JMIRS Call for Papers 2020 – Interpersonal Skills

We are preparing a special issue on the topic of Interpersonal Skills, to be published in December 2020. Our goal is to present material of the highest quality that informs MRTs and members of the healthcare team on the role and impact of our professions beyond the technical aspects (those things we don’t train and assess directly in curriculum).

Submissions for articles that require peer review (research, case studies, etc.) were due May 1, but we can still accept Letters to the Editor, Editorials and Commentaries until July 31, 2020. Patient submissions can come directly to

Interpersonal Skills topics might include, without being limited to (list of succinct areas followed by description of general approaches):

* Patient care, empathy
* Diversity in the profession
* Cultural competence / proficiency
* Equity, equality, gender equity
* Problem solving
* Communication and interpersonal skills
* Conflict resolution
* Time management
* Teamwork and collaboration
* Digital literacy
* Lifelong learning
* Global citizenship
* Sustainability and sustainable practices
* Leadership
* Mentoring
* Resilience (coping with pressure, loss, failure, criticism, workload, stress, anxiety)

Submitted manuscripts might include, but are not limited to:

* Research and evidence (qualitative or quantitative) on outcomes of the interpersonal skills incorporated into student training; education, mentoring, delivery models.
* Interpersonal skill approaches to overcoming challenges associated with senior care; cost, consistency / equity, risk, geographic isolation, developing health economies, indigenous and other specific sub populations
* Specific evidence (systematic review) or teaching cases highlighting the value, impact and outcomes of patient care interpersonal skills
* Expert insight and commentary of interpersonal skills in the professions
* Real life cases, narratives from experience

Questions? Contact the Managing Editor:

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