Device usability study in interventional radiology

Device usability study in interventional radiology

CAMRT has been asked to pass on information about an opportunity participate in human factors study for new technology in the field of interventional radiology.

The study, run by Health Human Factors, will:

  • Be held from May 27 to June 7 at Toronto General Hospital (190 Elizabeth St, 4th Floor RFE, Toronto)
  • Involve TWO sessions, a 2-hour (group) training session and a 1.5-hour individual usability evaluation session
  • Provide financial compensation of $455 to those who complete the study
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For this study Health Human Factors is recruiting MRTs that work in interventional radiology, with experience in angioplasty procedures (ideally with experience in  peripheral CTO (Chronic Total Occlusion) crossing). The goal of the study is to assess the use safety and usability of a device. You will have the chance to give your feedback on its usability, safety and risks. All data collected during the evaluation will be kept confidential.

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