JMIRS to be listed on MEDLINE/PubMed

JMIRS to be listed on MEDLINE/PubMed

We are excited to announce that the official journal of the CAMRT, the Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences (JMIRS), has been officially accepted for inclusion in MEDLINE!

MEDLINE is a database of citations and abstracts to biomedical literature, and only the most prestigious journals are chosen. To put into perspective the rigorous nature of this application process, there is currently a 12% acceptance rate, and applications can only be submitted every 2 years (with 3-year waits after 2 rejections). Researchers access published articles using the PubMed platform.

What this means:

  • All JMIRS articles will appear on PubMed 5-7 days after appearing on ScienceDirect and, including In Press articles. They are also working on adding our archives from Vol 39 onwards.
  • Researchers using PubMed will now discover JMIRS articles when they search using Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) or the terms in the title, author list, abstract, and any author keywords.
  • Published research from CAMRT members will now have a wider impact on knowledge and practice since JMIRS articles will be seen by a wider audience (both within the profession and by multi-disciplinary readership around the world)
  • Increased discoverability may lead to a greater number of citations from other journals. This is important for our next phase of pursuing an Impact Factor –  citations are collated and used as a proxy measure of impact when comparing journals
  • Authors who were previously restricted by their departments from publishing in a non-indexed journal can now consider the JMIRS, and we can attract a broader authorship

This listing is the result of many years of planning, starting back in 2008 when the JMIRS aligned itself with the publisher, Elsevier. We would like to acknowledge the efforts of the editorial board both past and present to continuously raise the bar of quality. Special thanks to Editor-in-Chief, Lisa DiProspero for her leadership over the last several years.

Remember: as a CAMRT member, you have free access to all content published in the JMIRS. You must log-in through the CAMRT Members site to unlock the content as opposed to accessing it directly at, because articles on this site are blocked by a paywall.

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