Upcoming Changes to the Certificate in Dosimetry Program

Upcoming Changes to the Certificate in Dosimetry Program

Medical dosimetry is a field that has gone and continues to go through radical change. With continuous advances in technology and ever- changing standards, the Canadian Dosimetry Certificate (CDC) provides an opportunity for the radiation therapist to obtain credentials that are recognized by professionals in the discipline of radiation oncology.

Over the years, the CDC program has undergone many changes to enhance the program and fit the needs of the medical dosimetrist. Beginning in January 2019, further changes outlined below will be in effect for new and existing candidates.


Didactic Component
All didactic course material has recently been updated by practicing Canadian radiation therapists and physicists to reflect current practice.


Clinical Component
The Summary of Clinical Competence (SCC) is an in-depth summary of treatment planning techniques that will help the candidate develop and obtain a comprehensive skillset in dosimetry.

The SCC has been updated to reflect current techniques used at centers across Canada.

Candidates with 5 years or more full-time experience within the last seven years as a Dosimetrist in Radiation Therapy are only required to complete one case per category.


Research Proposal Component
For the third and final requirement, the candidate is required to complete a detailed research proposal directly related to dosimetry. This replaces the previous requirement for a full research paper submission. CAMRT strongly encourages the candidate to carry out the research project and submit their paper for publication however is not required.

This change also applies to the candidates currently in progress with the CDC program should they choose to complete the research proposal in lieu of the project.


CDC Timeline
Successful completion of Dosimetry 1 with a minimum mark of 75%, must have occurred within 5 years of the CDC registration date. The 5-year timeline allowed to complete all program requirements begins with the successful completion of Dosimetry 2. Eligibility requirement for the CDC registration will be 75% or more on the examinations for both Dosimetry 1 and 2. This change will come into effect as of January 1, 2019.

Today across Canada, many Radiation Therapy departments recognize the CDC as an advanced credential and considers it a desired asset when applying for dosimetry related positions.

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