Three new webinars available – free for members!

Three new webinars available – free for members!


We are pleased to announce the following new webinars are available through the CAMRT “Practice Insights” webinar series. Simply browse the CPD catalogue and register for the webinar of your choice. You can watch the presentation at your convenience, and answer 10 multiple choice questions to receive Category A Credit.


MRI Pathology of the Abdomen and Pelvis

 Presented by Domenico Celli

  1. Understand the common MRI procedures used to demonstrate pathology of the Abdomen and Pelvis.
  2. Understand the protocols and pulse sequences that best demonstrate the pathology of the Abdomen and Pelvis.
  3. Recognize normal MR anatomy of the abdomen and pelvis.
  4. Recognize pathologies as demonstrated with MR imaging, including pathologies of the following areas and organs:


Good Death: A Canadian Perspective

Presented by Carina Feuz

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define the key concepts of palliative care
  2. Define the concept of a good death
  3. Describe patient , family and health care provider perceptions of a good death
  4. Discuss the role of advanced care plans in facilitating a good death
  5. Describe the ethical and legal aspects surrounding the concepts of a good death, including medical assistance in dying
  6. Identify the role of the MRT in facilitating a good death


Improving the Quality of Radiotherapy for Bladder Cancer

Presented by Vickie Kong

Learning Objectives:

  1. To learn about the challenges in bladder radiotherapy
  2. To understand how advanced imaging improves the treatment quality of bladder cancer.
  3. To discuss various adaptive strategies for bladder radiotherapy

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