Join the international Twitter journal club (#MedRadJClub)!

Join the international Twitter journal club (#MedRadJClub)!

November 14th is the next edition: chat paper, blog and moderation will be courtesy of University of Toronto MHScMRS program students Tasha McMasterWinter Spence and Joanna Javor.  The three students are doing this as part of their activities for their course “Clinical Competence and Continuous Learning”. They will, of course, be ably supported by the MRJC team!

The group posts one (open access) article a month for discussion, chosen on rotation from the three relevant professional journals (Canada’s Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences, Australia’s Journal of Medical Radiation Sciences and the UK’s Radiography). The article authors are invited to join the chat, moderated by a subject expert.

For more information, guest blogs, past chats and a “how to tweet” primer visit the #MedRadJClub WordPress site.

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