Call for Volunteers – 2018 CAMRT Scientific Committee Members

Call for Volunteers – 2018 CAMRT Scientific Committee Members

As you know, the CAMRT is moving away from holding a single annual general conference, and towards a model that supports more events across the country and in support of specialty and provincial programming. Our specialty stream includes partnerships with national physician organizations such as CANM, CIRA, CARO, and COMP. Full details can be found on the CAMRT website here:


The CAMRT is looking to recruit technologists interested in volunteering on the conference committees and contributing to the development of the scientific programs for these events.


CAMRT members can volunteer to be considered for the conference committee that corresponds to their area of expertise. Duties may include: helping to identify topics and speakers for the conference; approaching and confirming potential speakers; and/or, volunteering onsite during the event.


At the present time, volunteer opportunities are available in the areas of Nuclear Medicine, Interventional Radiology, Radiation Therapy and Radiological Technology.


Volunteers must be current members of the CAMRT and must be able to participate in planning activities beginning in July 2017.


If you are interested to be considered for one of the volunteer positions, please send your cv and statement of interest to Gertrud Jeewanjee at by Wednesday, July 26, 2017.


If you have questions about the volunteer opportunity or the responsibilities, please don’t hesitate to contact Karen Morrison at

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