See who won CAMRT’s first 75th anniversary contest!

See who won CAMRT’s first 75th anniversary contest!

See who won CAMRT’s first 75th anniversary contest!

The first 75th anniversary contest has come and gone! We’ve had an amazing response rate and thanks to everyone who participated.

We asked members to pit their knowledge about the 75 years of CAMRT against their fellow members to win some prizes (and national bragging rights) along the way.



 Contest Winners:

The outright winner of the historical trivia quiz was Kim Crawford of London, Ontario won by getting 9/10 answers right – an impressive accomplishment. Kim won a $25 Tim Horton’s Gift Card, and the highly coveted national bragging rights.

In addition, all participants in the quiz were entered into a random draw for two more gift cards. The winners of the random draw were: Daniel Spence and Nicole Livingston.


 Answers to the quiz:

See below for the correct answers to the questions, how people scored on the quiz, and find out who has won the first contest.

      1. What is the motto of the CAMRT? 
        A: Scientia et Mores- knowledge and ethics (80% of participants got this right) 
      2. Which city has hosted the most annual general conferences for the national association?
        A: Winnipeg, Manitoba
        (only 11% got this right, with Toronto being the most popular answer. Toronto, incidentally, is tied 3rd with Halifax, behind Winnipeg and Montreal) 
      3. Who held CSRT registration number 1?
        A: Percy Hunt
        (20% got this one, this was a hard question…) 
      4. What is the current membership of the CAMRT (within 500 members)?
        A: 11,600 
        (31% were within 500, and incredibly the average was just about dead on) 
      5. Who is the current President of the CAMRT?
        A: Karren Fader
        (most answered this correctly) 
      6. In what year did CAMRT recognize MRI as a separate discipline?
        A: 1996
        (24% gave the correct year) 
      7. How many Welch Memorial lectures have been given to date?
        A: 65 (40% answered this correctly, hope you can all make it to the 66th lecture this year…) 
      8. In which province was the first Canadian MRT organization formed in 1929?
        A: Manitoba
        (The most popular answer with 62% was Ontario; 23% got the correct answer) 
      9. What was the former name of the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (1942-1977)?
        A: Canadian Society of Radiological Technicians (45% gave the right answer) 
      10. Which animal sits above the CAMRT medallion on the presidential chain of office?
        A: Beaver
        (43% answered correctly)



Once again, we thank everyone who participated!


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