Quick Self Studies Coming Soon!

Quick Self Studies Coming Soon!

The Life Cycle of the Breast

This quick self-study course provides an exploration of the female breast and the developmental and functional changes that occur with the breasts over the course of a lifetime, through infancy, puberty, the childbearing years, the menopausal years, and old age.   There is focus on the hormonal influences within the body, as well as artificial hormones, and how they influence breast development, function and atrophy, over the lifetime of a woman.


Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy

This quick self-study course is intended to introduce the learner to stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) and its role within radiation therapy.  The course will provide an introduction to SBRT, its evolution and indications for use for certain patients.  Immobilization, simulation, treatment planning and quality assurance will all be discussed in relation to SBRT.  As well, there will also be a brief overview on individual tumour sites that benefit from stereotactic body radiotherapy.  When the course has been completed the learner should be able to understand overall basics of SBRT and how it applies within the different departments within radiation therapy.  The learner will also understand how SBRT will benefit specific patients and tumours sites.


MRI in Radiation Therapy

This quick self-study (QSS) course will introduce to the learner the basics of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and how it is being integrated into radiation therapy. This course will discuss MRI image formation, patient safety, and common image sequences. This course will also explore how MRI is being used in radiation therapy both in simulation and in treatment.


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