CAMRT Foundation Grant Application

CAMRT Foundation Grant Application

Apply now for the CAMRT foundation Grant!

Why should you apply?


Over the years, the CAMRT Foundation has sponsored many members in their educational pursuits. Grants are available to members to provide:

  • Financial Assistance to individuals enrolled in courses of study related to Medical Radiation Technology
  • Funds for research associated with Medical Radiation Technology


The CAMRT Foundation exists to support its members and the advancement of the profession it also:

  • Promotes pride in the profession and within our ranks.
  • Helps members keep abreast of new and emerging technologies.
  • Advocates lifelong learning.
  • Promotes excellence in patient care.

Basic Instructions

The CAMRT Foundation Grant Application will include:

  1. Completed application form.
  2. Reason for the request in detail (no more than 100 words).
  3. The total amount of the request with proof of payment (receipts) for tuition- please provide receipts for April 1, 2016- April 1, 2017.
  4. Letters from the member’s:

A) Employer indicating their financial assistance (including amount) or lack thereof;


B) Provincial Association (PMA) indicating their financial assistance (including amount) or lack thereof.

  1. Proof of enrollment in course/program
  2. The “Acceptance to Provide Volunteer Assistance Form,” found in Annex B.
  3. A current CV.


APPLICATION DEADLINE: April 1st , 2017 11:59 PM (Eastern Time)



  • The applicant will forward their completed application by fax (1-613-234-1097) to the CAMRT Office or in pdf format via email to
  • The application will be forwarded to the Foundation President who will compile a synopsis of all applicants and forward to the Foundation Board of Directors.
  • The Foundation Board of Directors will review the application and forward comments to the President. The Board will make a decision when they meet at the CAMRT Annual General Conference.
  • There is no Appeal Process. The decision of the Board is final.
  • Notification of the decision, to the applicant, will follow.



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