CPSI’s Shift to Safety Initiative

CPSI’s Shift to Safety Initiative

The CPSI (Canadian Patient Safety Institute) introduces the new “Shift to Safety” initiative designed to inform and provide you with the tools necessary to keep patients safe. This initiative was created for members of the public, practitioners and leaders to aid overwhelmed patients in understanding complicated systems and procedures and to deliver to them treatment options and valid and up to date information.

This innovative initiative provides information and tools for MRTs to help:

  • Patients and their families shift to advocate for their healthcare safety (Public resources)
  • Make the shift to prioritize safety when caring for patients themselves (Provider resources)
  • Leaders in healthcare organizations shift to create a positive patient safety culture (Leader resources)
These tools and resources enable everyone to understand how to make safety a priority while navigating the healthcare system. To learn more about these tools and resources, please visit the Shift to Safety website.

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