APRT(T) Certification Handbooks and Guides

The CAMRT has produced a number of documents and resources to give an overview of the certification process, and to assist candidates and assessors throughout the APRT(T) Certification process.


The APRT(T) Certification Handbook provides candidates interested in CAMRT Advanced Practice Registered Technologist (Therapy) (“APRT(T)”) certification with an overview of the process and an understanding of the assessments that take place throughout.  It also explains the overall goals and requirements, and provides outlines of the information required for a candidate to navigate the APRT(T) Certification process.

The APRT(T) Competency Profile is a document that describes the scope and level of practice expected of an advanced practitioner.  This nationally validated document forms the basis of all assessment phases of the certification process.


Phase I:  Portfolio Submission

The APRT(T) Portfolio Guide contains all the information to help candidates prepare a portfolio of their professional practice for submission.  It also provides candidates with details and explanations as to how the portfolio will be assessed.

The electronic Portfolio Template is to be used for creation and submission of the completed portfolio.  The format is designed to both guide the candidate and streamline its review for the assessors.

The Third Party letter and competency assessment form are provided to help candidates obtain valid and reliable evidence from third parties.  (See the APRT(T) Portfolio Guide for more information)

Phase II:  Case Submission

The Case Submission Guide contains information and examples of how to write up cases and all of the information necessary for candidates and assessors to navigate this phase of the process.

  • Case Submission Guide (currently being finalized by committee)

Phase III:  Oral Examination

The Oral Examination Handbook is a tool for both candidates and examiners to understand the nature of the case based virtual oral examination.  The handbook will give insight into process and logistics of the exam, as well as transparency in scoring and scope of the exam.  The candidates will have the opportunity to work with their advisors to best prepare within the scope of practice at an advanced practice level.

  • Oral Examination Handbook (under review by committee)