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Membership – Get the Advantage!

As a CAMRT member, this is your organization. Membership gives you a voice and empowers you to participate in processes that determine the future of your profession – your future. Assert your influence by joining today and get the advantage of the many benefits that come as a result!

Benefits of CAMRT Membership

Entry-to-practice high quality standard
The CAMRT is able to exist through the revenues that are received from membership dues. Through your membership, you help to ensure the continuity of the association and the quality programs it provides. One of the CAMRT's most important roles is as the national certifying agency that provides the credential for entry-to-practice for MRTs in Canada. Employers and patients can feel confident that, regardless of where the MRT trained, they have the knowledge, skills and judgment required to deliver excellent patient care.

As an association that is strong in numbers – over 11,000 members – the CAMRT and your provincial association can advocate effectively on your behalf to advance and evolve the profession, and to strengthen recognition of the major role medical radiation technologists play as part of the healthcare team. This is more important today than ever, with critical issues such as isotope supply shortages and health human resource strategies under review by government. CAMRT and your provincial association are at the table with Health Canada and other healthcare organizations as these important topics are addressed. Our advocacy on your behalf means that the voice of your profession is heard by decision makers.

Every healthcare professional should have professional liability insurance. Together with your provincial association, the CAMRT provides all Full and Limited Practice category members with extensive protection through our professional liability insurance policy (PLI) and policy extensions, such as criminal defense costs reimbursement coverage, legal expense coverage, coroner's hearings coverage and witness expenses coverage. If your employer states they provide you with PLI, make sure to fully investigate the extent of coverage. Ask if you are also covered for a hearing with your regulatory body or your provincial association and for legal defense insurance for court cases filed under the Criminal Code. The CAMRT PLI policy covers all of this and more. A complete copy of the policy is available by visiting the Members Area of the website.

It is important to note that coverage is on a “claims-made” basis, which means that you must have coverage at the time a claim is made against you, regardless of when the “incident” took place. More information on the insurance coverage available through CAMRT membership is available by clicking here.

Expert Guidance
As a CAMRT/provincial association member, you have access to expert resources through both the associations’ staff and volunteer leaders. Whether you need someone to guide you through your professional development requirements or to discuss scope of practice or standards, or with any other questions we're there for our members – both at the CAMRT and provincially. Members can reach the CAMRT between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm EST through our toll-free telephone number from anywhere within Canada (1-800-463-9729).

“Staying in the know” through our professional communications channels

  • The Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences (JMIRS) and Radiography.
    The JMIRS is the official professional journal of the CAMRT. Radiography is the official professional journal of the UK-based Society of Radiographers (SoR). CAMRT members receive a free subscription to the JMIRS (published quarterly) and now, through a reciprocal journal exchange arranged with the SoR, members also receive complimentary access to Radiography (also published quarterly) – a value of $165 annually!

  • CAMRT News
    A professional and informative newsletter produced and distributed five times annually to our members, CAMRT News delivers information regarding opportunities and activities related to the profession and the association. It is available to members electronically or in hard copy, depending on your preference.

  • Career ads in CAMRT News and the CAMRT Job Bank
    Looking for a job or to make a job change? Employers looking to recruit MRTs in any of the disciplines are increasingly turning to the CAMRT to advertise in our newsletter and on-line through our job bank, which is available to members only through a restricted members-only section of the CAMRT website.

  • Listservs
    The CAMRT has created several listservs for members only whereby you can communicate with other members by e-mail, asking questions and getting answers, sharing resources, or seeking advice or solutions to problems. We currently offer seven listservs for use by the membership in the follow areas of interest or for the specific interest groups: Leadership, Educators, Mammographers, Interventional Radiographers, Radiation Therapy, Research and Radiation Safety Officers. We intend to continue to add to this list as interest is expressed by the membership.

  • E-updates
    The CAMRT keeps our members informed through e-mail updates regarding hot topics, such as the medical isotopes shortage crises, and other topics of interest to the membership and the profession.

  • Facebook
    The CAMRT has created a Facebook page whereby you can communicate with other MRTS, ask questions, share pictures and stories, or seek advice or solutions to problems.
Learning and advancement opportunities at preferred member rates
  • Professional Development Courses and Opportunities
    The CAMRT has developed an extensive range of continuing professional development (CPD) correspondence courses, which we offer at preferred rates to our members (eg. a full-length course is $350 for members vs. $700 for non-members). These include full-length courses, quick self-studies, specialty certificate programs, and the Fellowship Program. All CAMRT continuing professional development courses have been assigned category A credits, which can be used by members for credit to fulfill CE requirements established by a provincial association or regulatory body. They can also be used by members for credit towards ARRT license renewals.

For more information on the CAMRT’s continuing professional development offerings, click here.

  • Annual General Conference
    The CAMRT's Annual General Conference has become a first-class educational experience for those who attend, as well as an excellent opportunity to network and reconnect with former colleagues and friends. And the evening social functions have received rave reviews as well – not to be missed! The number of attendees year-over-year is on the rise, with the last conference attracting over 500 delegates.

Once again, CAMRT members can register for the conference at a preferred rate versus non-members, nearly covering the cost of the CAMRT annual membership!

Check out what is being planned for the next annual general conference by clicking here. We hope to see you there!

  • Volunteer and Leadership Development Opportunities
    As a member-driven association, the CAMRT operates through the work of many volunteer committees, which are formed by CAMRT members. Participation on these national committees provides excellent opportunities to develop critical thinking and leadership skills, either as members or as Chairs of the committees. They also provide members with the opportunity to influence the direction of the profession and the Association. Travel and associated expenses are covered by the CAMRT.

For more information on volunteer and leadership development opportunities with the CAMRT, click here.

Recognition and Credibility
  • CAMRT Awards Program
    The CAMRT Awards Program showcases the talent and professionalism of CAMRT members and students enrolled in CMA-accredited medical radiation technology-education programs. The CAMRT is proud to pay tribute to those individuals that have provided meritorious service to the Association in some way through its Honorary Awards Program.

The CAMRT's competitive awards program, which includes essay and exhibit competitions, is a valuable opportunity for CAMRT members and students enrolled in CMA-accredited medical radiation technology training programs to strengthen their research and presentation skills and to share their expertise and research with other Association members during the annual general conference.

For more information on the CAMRT Awards Program, click here.

Opportunities for Savings
With your CAMRT membership comes several preferred rates and opportunities for savings, such as course fees for CAMRT and other association's continuing professional development courses, registration for our annual general conference, a free subscription to the CAMRT's Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences and the British Society of Radiographer's professional journal.

ImageWear – A division of Mark’s
CAMRT and Imagewear, a division of Mark’s Work Wearhouse, have teamed up and are pleased to continue to provide CAMRT members with exclusive member discounts on purchases made at any Mark’s Work Weaehouse /L’Équipeur store in Canada.    As a CAMRT member, when you make a purchase, you will receive a 10% discount off the regular retail prices. This discount can be used toward the purchase of a number of items.

In addition, several of the provincial associations offer discounts on products and services, such as scrubs, home and auto insurance, concert tickets, financial advice and group health insurance. Please visit your provincial association's website or contact them for more information on these available services.

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