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100% Membership Certificates

Having a 100% Membership Certificate displayed in your workplace means that every technologist within the department or organization listed are members in good standing with CAMRT.

Not only does it give your organization bragging rights, it is also a smart move by you as an employer to encourage 100% membership in CAMRT.


Because CAMRT membership offers the following benefits to its members, which in turn benefit the members’ employers and the patients you care for:

  • Established standards of practice;
  • Professional development opportunities at reduced rates;
  • Access to specialty certificate programs;
  • Opportunities to gain leadership skills by volunteering on CAMRT committees;
  • Professional liability and legal defence insurance coverage for full-practice members;
  • Access to employment opportunities via the CAMRT job registry;
  • Up-to-date information on current issues relevant to the profession via email
  • Complementary subscription to the CAMRT News & the Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences;
  • Access to CAMRT listservs to communicate with your peers;
  • Access to the CAMRT and CAMRT Foundation competitive and honorary awards programs; and
  • Eligibility to participate in CAMRT activities that shape the future of the profession.
  • Preferred registration rates for the Annual General Conference. 

To have your organization’s achievement recognized, complete this Application Form for 100% Membership Certificate or contact Francine Caron.

Recent Recipients

Congratulations to those organizations awarded a 100% membership certificate and to our newest members.  Every technologist within the departments or organizations listed is a member in good standing with the CAMRT.

Canmore General Hospital
Diagnostic Imaging Department
Canmore, AB

Canadian Forces Health Services Centre
Diagnostic Department
Victoria, BC

Brandon Regional Health Clinic
Diagnostic Service-Education Department
Brandon, MB

Meadowood X-Ray Clinic
X-Ray Department
Winnipeg, MB

Rothesay X-Ray Clinic
X-Ray Department
Winnipeg, MB

Victoria General Hospital
Diagnostic Imaging Department
Winnipeg, MB

Winnipeg Clinic
X-Ray Department
Winnipeg, MB

Regional D’Edmundston
Diagnostic Imaging Department
Edmundston, NB

Canadian Forces Health Services Centre
Diagnostic Imaging Department
Halifax, NS

Geraldton District Hospital
Diagnostic Imaging Department
Geraldton, ON

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