2018 Conferences and Events

The CAMRT is excited to announce its plans for conferences and events of the future. Starting in 2018, we will be renewing and enhancing the way we deliver our events so they become more accessible to all CAMRT members, while providing a more personal cost effective means to obtain quality continuing professional development (CPD).

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Expanding Opportunities, Enhancing Access

Currently, the annual conference rotates between provinces, allowing each of our provincial MRT organization partners the opportunity to co-host a national event. The CAMRT Board of Directors has been tracking several internal and external factors that have been affecting member participation and satisfaction regarding this model. Changing member demographics, local/provincial funding constraints, limits to time off work, and the reality of the geographical separation between provinces have all contributed to gradually declining attendance. Many members have indicated a preference to receive their professional development closer to home.

In response to these trends, and to over-whelming member feedback, a taskforce of MRT volunteers was convened to consider alternatives to the current model that would better meet the evolving needs of members. The goal of the task force was to identify a model that would enhance opportunities for participation in CAMRT events and make them accessible to more members. The group knew it would be important to our members to minimize costs associated with travel, attendance, and time away from work – all while maintaining educationally relevant programming, effective networking and social events. In the face of this reality, the taskforce considered a wide variety of options to deliver high-quality content in ways that would minimize this burden.

A Customized Learning Experience

Crafting one singular vehicle to deliver on all requirements and criteria would have been impossible. Instead, we aimed to leverage the CAMRT’s strong national and provincial partnerships (as well as the ever- expanding possibilities from virtual collaboration platforms) to broaden activities, and deliver education and networking opportunities of the highest quality to the most possible members, while minimizing the barriers of time and money. Starting in 2018, the new, enhanced and multi-faceted model for conference and events will be rolled out. Members will be able to customize their learning experience, and access the content that is most relevant to their professional reality, in a format that meets the needs of their personal and professional circumstances.

Four types of events will help you stay current, create strong professional networks and excel in your career:
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The enhanced model proposes a more complete and coordinated approach to delivering high-quality content and professional networking that is closer to home for MRTs. The collaborative partnerships with provincial associations will allow MRTs to attend live meetings in their home province, just as they have always done, but will layer in some national support and content. National conferences with partner organizations will afford MRTs access to top-notch education and networking in their fields of expertise. The expanded CAMRT virtual programming will make it possible for MRT members to access a greater range of presentations from all across the country. While live virtual events, such as the virtual Annual General Meeting in 2018, will help to connect more members into the activities of the association.

National Advisory Council on Conferences & Events

A volunteer-based Advisory Council will work with CAMRT staff to review and evaluate the effectiveness of this new initiative and to recommend changes on an on-going basis. The Council will also advise staff on topics such as: relevant changes in the health environment; future plans and priorities; recommended content for virtual capture; and suggested topics and speakers.


There will be learning along the way, but we will be diligent in evaluation so that we can tweak and optimize the new model for conference and events as it grows. We hope that you will appreciate our efforts to deliver the highest quality and most convenient programming to you.

As always, we are eager to hear your feedback on our new initiatives as they are developed and rolled out. Feedback can always be sent to the Council at nac-ce@camrt.ca or to the Director of Membership at CAMRT.