Proffered papers

Saturday am

Cynthia Cowling, Australia – A comparative ethnographic analysis of the sociological practice of radiography in seven countries, related to advanced practice.
Karen Coleman, New Zealand – Establishing Advanced Practice in New Zealand for Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy. The results of New Zealand surveys
Kristie Matthews, Australia – Australian Radiation Therapy Advanced Practice. A Focus Group Study
Laura D’Alimonte, Canada – Navigating the System. The Role of the Clinical Specialist Radiation Therapist (CSRT) in Delivering Person-Centred Care across the Cancer Continuum
Ann-Marie Culpan, UK – The evolving role of radiographers in symptomatic mammography image interpretation.
Dean Harper, Ireland – The development of an RTT led treatment delivery service for patients undergoing SABR for peripherally located tumours of the lung.
Caitlin Gillan, Canada – Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Development and piloting of the oral examination phase of a national advanced practice certification process for radiation therapists in Canada
Darby Erler, Canada – Taking Advanced Practice Skills Full Circle

Saturday pm

Joan Sweeney, UK  – Are we robbing Peter to pay Paul? Review radiographers should complement and not replace the skills of the wider team
Kirstie Smith, UK – ‘Integrating CBCT into Radiotherapy verification. Experiences from a medium-sized Radiotherapy Centre’
Lori Holden, Canada – Enhancing roles, Increasing Responsibilities. The Clinical Specialist Radiation Therapist led interprofessional care clinic.
Lisa Di Prospero, Canada – Sustaining the Clinical Specialist Radiation Therapist (CSRT) Role. Adaptability, prioritization and alignment to the organization strategy
Rita Borgen, UK – Establishing of a Radiographer Led Vacuum Assisted Breast Biopsy (VAB) within the Breast Unit at ELHT
Katie Cooper, UK – The role of the Advanced Practitioner in developing a Radiographer led brachytherapy service.
Kristie Matthews, Australia – Advanced Practice at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre: An Evolving Concept
 Angela Turner, Canada – The Development of a Clinical Specialist Radiation Therapist (CSRT) Role through a Systematic Framework: The Odette Cancer Centre Experience
Kirstie Smith, UK – ‘Research Therapy Radiographer. Early experiences in a new role’


Amanda Bolderston, Canada Mapping the way. A participatory, evidence-informed, patient-centred framework for establishing advanced practice roles
Rachel Bilton, UK – Setting priorities for a gastro-intestinal consultant radiographer: An exploration into the potential role based on local service need.
Patrick Eastgate, Australia
Robert Milner, UK – A week in a radiographer reporting service
Johnathan Hewis, Australia – A hermeneutic phenomenological study of Australian medical imaging (radiography) practitioners’ perception towards the role of higher education in the context of developing ‘advanced practice’ in planar image interpretation.
Jonathan McConnell, UK – The impact of global work list working on radiographer reporting across a Scottish health board.