A Customized Learning Experience

Crafting one singular vehicle to deliver on all requirements and criteria would be impossible. Instead, we leverage the CAMRT’s strong national and provincial partnerships (as well as the ever- expanding possibilities from virtual collaboration platforms) to broaden activities, and deliver education and networking opportunities of the highest quality to the most possible members, while minimizing the barriers of time and money. Starting in 2018, members can customize their learning experience, and access the content that is most relevant to their professional reality, in a format that meets the needs of their personal and professional circumstances.

Four types of events help you stay current, create strong professional networks and excel in your career:

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National Advisory Council on Conferences & Events

A volunteer-based Advisory Council works with CAMRT staff to review and evaluate the effectiveness of this new initiative and to recommend changes on an on-going basis. The Council advises staff on topics such as: relevant changes in the health environment; future plans and priorities; recommended content for virtual capture; and suggested topics and speakers.