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Successful candidates (PASS)

Certificate and Professional Designation
All successful candidates receive a CAMRT certificate. The date of exam will appear on the certificate, provided all certification requirements are met; otherwise, the certificate will be dated when all outstanding requirements are fulfilled.

Upon successful completion of the certification requirements, candidates earn the right of appending the appropriate discipline-specific professional designation to their name:

Registered Technologist, Magnetic Resonance, (RTMR)
Registered Technologist, Nuclear Medicine, (RTNM)
Registered Radiation Therapist, (RTT)
Registered Technologist, Radiological Technology, (RTR)

CAMRT Membership
Technologists with a CAMRT professional designation may apply to their Provincial Member Association for membership, thereby automatically becoming members of the CAMRT. Membership is renewable annually through Provincial Member Associations upon payment of fees.

* Technologists with a CAMRT professional designation and residing outside of Canadian provincial jurisdictions may apply directly to CAMRT. Membership is renewable annually upon payment of fees.

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