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Special Needs Accommodation Policy

Updated January 10, 2011


If a disability or impairment limits major life activities, a request for special needs accommodation must be submitted in writing to the CAMRT at least 90 days before the exam date for both, first write and any re-writes of the exam. All requests willl be handled on a confidential and individual basis.

Candidates must submit their written request to the CAMRT Manager of Certification at the time they register online to write the exam. The following documentation must also be submitted:

  • a clear statement of the nature of the disability and its severity;
  • a clear and concise description of the special needs accommodation(s) requested;
  • documentation demonstrating that similar accommodations were provided to the candidate during their education program
  • supporting documentation, from a healthcare or counselling professional which:
    • indicates an assessment was done on the candidate;
    • describes details of the disability including a diagnosis;
    • describes the candidate’s current functional limitation;
    • supports the request for the specific accommodations made by the candidate

Please print a copy of the Special Needs Accommodation request form. Complete the form, attach required documentation as indicated, and send it to the CAMRT Coordinator of Certification at least 90 days before the exam date. 


All medical and supporting documentation submitted will be kept confidential by the CAMRT, and will be used for the purpose of assisting CAMRT in determining the suitable accommodations necessary for the candidate, if any.

All medical documentation must be current within six (6) months of the date of application to write the exam. If the medical documentation, i.e. report or letter is not current within six (6) months of the date of the candidate’s application, the applicant must include a letter from a healthcare or counselling professional indicating that they have reviewed the supporting medical documentation and concur that the accommodations set out within it remain valid for the candidate for the purposes of the CAMRT certification exam on the date of the proposed sitting of the exam.

CAMRT will notify the contact person at the provincial association administering the exam immediately following receipt of a complete accommodation request, describing the details of the requested accommodations. CAMRT will contact and discuss with the candidate the accommodation request that the candidate has made.

The final decision regarding an accommodation request lies with the CAMRT Director of Education, in collaboration with the CAMRT Manager of Certification. In making their decision, the CAMRT must ensure that granting the accommodation request will not compromise the validity and integrity of the certification exam. CAMRT’s decision will be communicated to the student and the applicable provincial association at least thirty (30) days prior to the exam.

Prior to writing the exam the candidate will sign an acknowledgement that all agreed to accommodation(s) have been provided. Post exam writing the candidate will sign a further acknowledgement that all agreed to accommodation(s) have been provided to their satisfaction.

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