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Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)
Edmonton, Alberta

NAIT’s Medical Radiological Technology Bridging Program will provide tools to assess and enhance the practical readiness of internationally-educated medical radiological (x-ray) technologists for the Alberta workplace. The Bridging Program will promote high standards of practice in the Medical Radiation Technology (MRT) profession in Alberta while helping integrate foreign workers into the workplace. Internationally-educated x-ray technologists eligible to work in Alberta will be able to access the Bridging Program on a user-pay basis to assess their readiness for Canadian certification and Alberta licensure.

Internationally-educated x-ray technologists will be clinically tested to verify their knowledge, skills, and abilities to meet Alberta’s and Canada’s standards of practice. If gaps are identified during the clinical skills assessment, remediation will be available to help develop necessary skills. NAIT’s Bridging Program will offer the entire package of clinical assessment, remediation, and skills development.

MRT is a regulated profession in Alberta under the Health Professions Act. In order to practice radiography in Alberta, technologists must be licensed by the Alberta College of Medical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technologists (ACMDTT). ACMDTT is able to review an internationally-educated x-ray technologist’s educational program, language proficiency, character, and work experience. However, there is currently no mechanism to objectively evaluate the technologist’s clinical skills with respect to Alberta’s and Canada’s standards. Once an internationally-educated x-ray technologist is reviewed by ACMDTT and his or her documentation is accepted, the technologist will be eligible for NAIT’s Bridging Program. ACMDTT’s Registration Committee will determine the appropriate courses for the technologist to access in the Bridging Program, and the technologist will then register and complete the courses, undergo the clinical assessment, followed by necessary remediation and skills development, as required.

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