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CAMRT Website Privacy Policy


CAMRT does not collect personal information from our website visitors. Anyone may visit our general web pages and members may access the members-only area by providing their last name and CAMRT registration number. Providing this information simply acts as a pass to the members-only section of the website and in no way identifies the member-user to CAMRT.


Our site's operating system automatically collects some non-personal information about visits to our website including: IP address of the computer accessing the website; date and time of visit; and web pages visited.

This non-personal information may be used for internal statistical analysis to help make our website more useful to visitors. We do not share any of these statistics with third parties or relate this information to any personal data we collect through other methods.


We will not send any unsolicited information or promotional emails to members of the public or to CAMRT members. Email addresses that are provided to us will only be used for communication on an individual basis or to communicate with a group of members who belong to the same committee.


This Website Privacy Policy applies only to the CAMRT website. Our website contains linkages to other websites. Should you choose to link to another website, you will be subject to their privacy policies. We encourage you to read other websites' privacy policies, especially if you choose to share any personal information.

For more information on how CAMRT treats personal information, please see our Privacy Policy.

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