MRT Education in BC

British Columbia Institute of Technology


The BCIT Medical Radiography program has been designed to integrate the academic environment with the clinical setting. The program is 24 continuous months with terms alternating between didactic studies and clinical practicums.

While at BCIT, students receive theoretical and practical instruction through lectures and labs using face-to-face, blended and online learning opportunities. Throughout the clinical practicums, students continue with their academic studies via online courses. Each clinical practicum is completed at a different clinical site to ensure students receive a variety of experiences.

The clinical structure supports the program’s philosophy of creating opportunities for students to learn, understand, and then apply the outcomes in real world situations with mentoring and feedback. The clinical levels interleaved with academic reinforcement have been designed to promote confidence, competence and professional practice through repetition of the “learn, understand and apply” cycle.


Camosun College

Camosun College

Camosun College offers a Medical Radiography program that integrates learning through academic terms in classrooms and lab settings at the college, as well as on line course and clinical experience. The program is aligned with BCIT and the College of New Caledonia, offering common curriculum and term formats. In partnership with the Vancouver Island Health Authority, students will gain clinical expertise in Medical Imaging departments of various sizes on Vancouver Island. At the completion of the 24 month program, students will be eligible to sit the certification exam offered by the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists. As a new program, Camosun College is currently registered with the Canadian Medical Association Accreditation Program and will undergo accreditation in 2013/14.

Camosun is pleased to offer students the opportunity to learn in state of the art x-ray lab and classroom settings.  Faculty are dedicated to providing an environment where students will learn the best practices of a medical radiographer in order to graduate with the knowledge, skills and professional behaviours required in the work environment.

Camosun College MRT Lab Photos

College of New Caledonia

College of New Caledonia

The College of New Caledonia (CNC) in partnership with Northern Health, the Northern Medical Society, the Northern Medical Program and BCIT is offering a northern Medical Radiography program. The program is currently registered with the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and will undergo accreditation in 2012/2013. The program will prepare graduates to write the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT) national certification exam.

The program will share curriculum and curriculum alignment processes with BCIT under the new provincially shared curriculum. The CNC Medical Radiography program will employ a 24 continuous month design. Students will alternate through didactic training at CNC and clinical practicum training at health care facilities in northern BC. The opportunity for simulated and virtual learning environments will be provided to complement the didactic and clinical learning atmosphere.

The CNC Medical Radiography program will provide Medical Radiography Technologists with the skill, knowledge, and professional attitudes needed to function as members of the health care team, and as valuable members of the Radiography community.