Membership Categories & Dues

CAMRT-BC membership categories and dues for 2018:


Full Practice
Full Practice membership is available to MRTs who have been certified by the CAMRT through examination, or who are licensed or certified by provincial regulatory bodies that are recognized as such by CAMRT, such as the college in Quebec (OTIMROEPMQ). Professional liability and legal defense coverage is included with a full practice membership**.

$280.00 total dues – $60 for CAMRT-BC (provincial) + $220 for CAMRT (national)


Non Practicing
Non-Practicing membership is available to MRTs who qualify for full practice membership but have temporarily or permanently discontinued their practice of the profession and wish to maintain a relationship with the Association.

$132.50 total dues – $37.50 for CAMRT-BC (provincial) + $95 for CAMRT (national)


Senior membership is available to any full practice qualified member who has been a CAMRT member for 30 years or more, or has reached the age of 55, whichever occurs first, and who is no longer directly or indirectly involved in the practice of the profession of medical radiation technology.

$40.00 total dues – $5 for CAMRT-BC (provincial) + $35 for CAMRT (national)


Student membership is available to individuals enrolled in a Canadian medical radiation technology program accredited by the Canadian Medical Association (CMA). Students are automatically made members of the CAMRT as soon as their student membership is approved by the provincial organization; there is no charge for the CAMRT Student membership. Student Application Form