Advanced Practice Framework

The CAMRT Advanced Practice Framework establishes a definition for advanced MRT practice in Canada. Its aim is to establish a common understanding of the phrase “advanced practice” among MRTs in Canada. The framework does this through a discussion of high-level principles and concepts that can be applied across a broad profession. It is hoped that those interested in advanced MRT practice across the country will find within it a common language and a conceptual frame to advance discussions at the institutional, educational and/or governmental levels.

The definition of Advanced Practice is the core of the document. The rest of the framework document has been developed to provide context for advanced practice in Canada and to extend the concepts addressed in the definition. The sections preceding the definition briefly discuss the history of advanced practice and present the rationale for the development of advanced practice in healthcare. The sections that follow the definition isolate its distinct elements and elaborate on these important themes in the context of the Canadian healthcare environment.

A decision was made to avoid identification and listing of specific advanced activities within the framework. The continual evolution of MRT practice, as well as differences in practice across Canadian provincial jurisdictions, will always make it difficult to find examples that can be applied nationally and over time. Instead, the examples provided serve to illustrate and highlight the high-level principles of advanced practice as they have been applied in practice.

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