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The Image of Care Campaign

Celebrating Canada's Medical Radiation Technologists

The Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT) and its provincial associations have launched a rebranding project that will change the way medical radiation technologists (MRTs) are recognized throughout the medical profession as well as by  the general population. The campaign will showcase the role that MRTs play in the healthcare system, providing the professional imaging and radiation-related treatment services and caring touch that allow Canadians to fully benefit from the latest medical diagnostic and treatment technologies. The campaign platform draws inspiration from an eloquent brand promise and features the compelling tagline, “Canada’s medical radiation technologists are the very image of care.”

How you can get involved

  • Pick up a copy of the September issue of Reader’s Digest or Sélection magazines and share  with your colleagues on the healthcare team;
  • Share the link to the Reader’s website when the banner ads are running;
  • Visit the Image of Care website; and
  • Think about ways you can become  an Image of Care brand champion in your community and workplace, by finding opportunities to write and speak about how your profession provides an essential link between patients and their healthcare, mastering the technology and art of providing accurate state-of-the-art diagnostic images and radiation-related treatment.

Add a link to the brand website to your email signature, personal blog or social media page, and share the news of this exciting campaign with your colleagues and members.


Find out more about the rebranding project and resources:

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