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Ergonomics is the science related to humans and how we work. It encompasses the anatomic, physiologic, and mechanical principles affecting the efficient use of human energy.

For medical radiation technologists ergonomics is a central component to keeping technologists healthy and strong within the workplace. The demands we put on our bodies vary significantly depending on our individual working conditions.

Many technologists will be in a standing position for long periods of time during the day. Therefore, proper body alignment and posture are very important.

Conversely a large number of technologists will be seated for long periods of time in an office like setting.

It is imperative that all workstations be setup in a proper manner and that they are adjustable. Technologists often share workspaces and computer terminals making proper setup a crucial element in our day-to-day work.

The vast majority of medical radiation technologists will be in direct patient contact and lifting or moving patients is a regular component of the job. Proper lifting position and technique, along with good back care, are critical to the physical well being of workers.

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