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CAMRT Strategic Plan

2012 to 2014

Approved by CAMRT Board, November 18, 2011

The Process Used to Develop the Plan

This strategic plan was developed using a consultative and data-based process.  The board identified a Strategic Planning Steering Committee to oversee the process and to work with staff.  An environmental scan was commissioned for consideration of those involved in developing the plan, a snap-shot of the status of CAMRT was developed and a consultant was engaged to help design and conduct key components of the strategic planning process.

A stakeholder consultation was conducted on February 24 and 25 involving the CAMRT Board, the leadership of all the provincial MRT associations, the chairs of key CAMRT committees, the registrar of the College of Medical Radiation Technologists of Ontario, the CEO of the Health Council of Canada, representatives of the Canadian Association of Radiologists, the Canadian Association for Radiation Oncology, the Canadian Association of Nuclear Medicine, the Canadian Interventional Radiology Association, the Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists, the Canadian Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, patients, younger members, educators and other professions that order diagnostic imaging.

Through an iterative process, the CAMRT Board, the board’s Strategic Planning Steering Committee and CAMRT staff drafted and refined the plan to the point that it was adopted by the board at its meeting on November 18-19, 2011.  It came into effect on January 1, 2012, and will continue to be the principle document guiding CAMRT through December 31, 2014.

The strategic plan will be used as the basis for the annual plans and budgets that guide CAMRT.  It will provide the linkage between the desired direction established by the board and the implementation plans developed and carried out by staff.  It will also continue to provide the structure for reporting to the membership, for the annual report, for many of the presentations to stakeholders and for the agenda of board meetings.

Strategic Framework

Strategic Framework

The Board has expressed the strategic orientation of the CAMRT through the following series of statements:

Vision Statement

As medical radiation technologists, we are essential, caring contributors to the healthcare team for Canadians. In an environment of rapid technological change and innovation, we remain at the leading edge of practice as we establish and expand the evidence base of our profession. We are recognized within the health system and the wider community as an authoritative voice in medical imaging and radiation therapies, and engage internationally as leaders in the profession.


In pursuing its vision, the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT) embraces the following core values in order to support its members, contribute to the health system and further the health of Canadians:

  • accountability, adaptability, transparency and excellence in the conduct of its affairs; and,
  • trust, fairness, and integrity in the relations among members, staff and with stakeholders.

In serving its communities, the CAMRT respects the diversity of its members and stakeholders.

Mission Statement

The Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT) serves and supports its members to provide patients the highest quality of medical imaging and radiation therapy care. CAMRT ensures that all medical radiation technologists (MRTs) are certified as having the knowledge, skills, and judgment to enter practice. Through the development of services and tools, it helps MRTs continue to practice safely and effectively in a rapidly evolving field. As the national voice of the profession, the CAMRT is engaged internationally and promotes the effective contribution of MRTs in Canadian health system discussions and decisions.

The Strategic Plan: Goals, Outcomes, Objectives

NOTE:  There is not a one-to-one correlation between outcomes and objectives.  Some outcomes will be achieved through one or more objective, or one objective might help achieve several outcomes.

Goal 1:
CAMRT will ensure that MRTs are prepared to practice in an evolving health care system and environment of rapid technology change.


  • CAMRT is aware of emerging technological and practice changes and is able to incorporate this into its activities.
  • Competency profiles reflect rapidly changing practice
  • MRTs, at entry to practice, are prepared for current and future practice
  • CAMRT’s CPD offerings reflect current and emerging practice
  • Advanced practice roles are established
  • MRTs practice in accordance with evidence-based guidelines
  • Internationally-educated medical radiation technologists (IEMRTs) meet Canadian standards


  • To validate that the competency profiles for each discipline are up to date and reflect current practice and emerging changes in practice and technology.
  • To assist Canadian MRT education programs to adjust to the changing environment
  • To provide CPD opportunities which meet the needs of the membership and reflect current practice and emerging practice and technological changes
  • CAMRT develops formalized mechanisms to keep abreast of changes within the medical radiation technology professions
  • To establish advanced practice roles for MRTs
  • To have available for Canadian MRTs a comprehensive set of guidelines that define evidence-based best practice
  • To provide opportunities which will address the IEMRTs needs

Goal 2:
CAMRT will strengthen the identity, position and voice of the medical radiation technology profession.


  • MRTs are brand champions
  • CAMRT is invited to participate in key stakeholder consultations and initiatives
  • Invited to speak on behalf of the profession (CAMRT staff/board; members)
  • Public recognition of the profession
  • Sought out by media
  • CAMRT has evidence-based position statements on relevant issues
  • CAMRT advocacy initiatives are successful  


  • To position MRTs as respected, caring professionals who are recognized within the healthcare system for their high level of expertise and sought after for discussions and decisions in the health sector.
  • That CAMRT is recognized as the authoritative voice sought after for expert commentary on all relevant issues by government, media and other key stakeholders.

Goal 3:
CAMRT will strengthen the culture of professionalism among MRTs.


  • MRTs are committed to belonging to their professional association
  • MRTs are committed to life long learning
  • MRTs in all disciplines are engaged in research
  • MRTs presenting at educational events
  • MRTs are involved in leadership activities in their institutions and profession
  • MRTs self-identify as professionals
  • CAMRT reflects the brand of the profession


  • To enhance MRTs’ understanding of professionalism
  • To strengthen the understanding of MRTs of, and appreciation for, the importance of belonging to their professional association.
  • To strengthen MRTs’ understanding of, and appreciation for, the importance and value of lifelong learning.
  • To grow CAMRT membership
  • To foster a research culture among members of all disciplines of the profession.
  • To enhance the presentation skills of MRTs and opportunities to present.
  • To increase the impact of MRTs in their places of employment and professional bodies
  • To ensure that all CAMRT’s products, services, communications and activities reflect the profession’s brand.

Goal 4:
CAMRT will achieve effective engagement with members and key stakeholders.


  • PMAs agree that there is clarity in roles and concerns have been addressed
  • The Alliance of Regulators agrees that there is clarity in roles of the two organizations
  • Members are aware of and support the range of CAMRT’s programs, services, initiatives
  • CAMRT has high quality, engaged and effective volunteers
  • Members see themselves represented by and within the association
  • Appropriate health professions are included under the umbrella of CAMRT


  • To achieve and maintain harmonious and successful collaboration with PMAs and regulators:
  • To increase member awareness and engagement in the programs, services and initiatives of the association:
  • To ensure the diversity of CAMRT’s membership is reflected in its board and among volunteers on committees.
  • To clarify whether CAMRT`s current name is reflective of the changing disciplines within medical imaging and radiation therapy
  • To determine whether there are other medical professions that could be included within CAMRT

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